Saturday, January 12, 2008


Sometimes I wonder what is being taught to me through my family.....

well, let's see......

family is always there for you through everything that you can imagine. No matter what it may be.
Right and wrong. Though, sometimes, they may lead you down a path that may seem wrong, you think to yourself, what is it that the universe is trying to teach me today.
Well, thinking logically, you may or may not get it. However, you need to go deep within yourself to find the true answer. Is it trying to teach me that blood is thicker than water or just the opposite.

One always thinks that fmaily just doesnt understand your perspective, but really they don't, but you come to realize, that their subconcious really does, they just dont realize it.

They think their helping you and you think exactly the opposite.

But, in time you realize that they do.

one day, you will see the whole truth, That this world is just a mere projection of everyones thoughts interacting with each other, its up to you to sort it all out and establish what is the truth and what is the imaginary truth interacting with your reality.

Religion is never the truth. No matter who you are.

Metaphiscally speaking, you see that one is living in a projection of everyones thoughts interacting with one another.

The amount of energy you put into a single thought, is the amount you will get out of it, weather it be a negative or positive thought. you must, always keep a positive mind in every situation, doesnt matter if you feelings think otherwise. Positivity is always the best route to follow.

We need to raise our vibrational energy level to a point in this reality that no matter what situaion you are in, it will always, always, work out for the better.

In this life one realizes that all things happen for a reason. A maifestation of that in which what one is thinking. when you come to realize this, everything will fall into place. All that we are, is a result of what we have thought. When you are thinking nothing but negative thoughts, you day will be nothing but negative, nothing will turn out the way you want. When you think nothing but positive, everything will go as planned. Even when you stray from the path, you can redirect you negative thoughts to positive and you will eel better about the day and those around you.

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