Saturday, January 12, 2008

1st post of the new year... late

well, here I am, in the new year. everything is going great! I'm almost done with school, my two classes I am taking this mod are a blast. I have two of a few great teachers.

Im taking urgent care with Dr. Sanchez, who is great. Although his trying to compare how he unravels a bandage to toilet paper. hmm... little odd.. but okay... lol. I've had him as an instructor for the 3rd 4th time now..
My other class, Adv. diagnostic testing, with Mr. Beard. He's great too. I'm just having so much fun.

Home life is going good. Kayla is having fun at school, it helps me out too that she's gone for 6 hours, and Demi takes a nap for 2, give me a chance to get things done in the house.

Now, for the purpose of my blog.

I have come to realize since being here, in existence, that people and things come into my life, for the underlying purpose to teach me things. whether be things that I need to improve on o things that I need to learn.

We have all come into this physical reality as spiritual beings in human form ( I like to call it a shell) to seek experiences in which rich our lives. Our spiritual being within us, seeks and thirst for knowledge. Good or bad. but in order to enrich your life in the best positive way, you must keep a positive energy (we all are nothing but) flow going through us. do what makes you feel good. That does not mean, Repeat, DOES NOT mean, doing harm to other physically,mentally, or emotionally, to bring yourself up. if you do, it will stay with you and your vibrational energy will stay at a low level. When you have a high positive energy flow, you feel good, those around you feel good, you are able to deal with life and all its obstacles, in a good positive way.

Today, I will post some quotes from the Dahli Lama, and interpret though my mind.

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

- to me this means, if you have to knock everyone else down to get to where you want in to be in life, then its not worth getting, and you do not deserve it. We do not bring others down for our personal benefit, But, we do bring them up with us, for it will surely raise our positive energy and make us feel good to bring others with us on the path.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

- everywhere we go in this world there is pain. we have not choice but to see,hear and feel it. However, that does not mean that we have to inflict the suffering upon ourselves. you will never move on, never be happy, and it will end up causing you to dwindle away, and become a bitter being, because you have taken the option to suffer from the pain.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.

- This is very true.
'm the beggar on the corner
You’ve passed me on the street
I wouldn't be out here begging if I had enough to eat
And don't think I don't notice that our eyes never meet

Most of you have heard this song, but how very true is it that you see some on the street begging, and just pass them by as if you don't even notice that their there in need of help, or just a kind word, you think you are higher above because you have money. money is nothing. its not meant to last, it destroys families, loved ones, and makes people selfish and bitter.

life it not about what you have, but what you have to offer others, through love and compassion, not matter who they are, where they are, or where they come from. these two simple words are all you need to carry.

I pray for a more friendly, more caring, and more understanding human family on this planet. To all who dislike suffering, who cherish lasting happiness, this is my heartfelt appeal.

Live in Joy, In love,
Even among those who hate.

Live in joy, In health,
Even among the afflicted.

Live in joy, In peace,
Even among the troubled.

Look within. Be still.
Free from fear and attachment,
Know the sweet joy of living in the way.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Woman! Lomg time no talk! Sounds like you are very busy. We are busy here too. I got a job at Sears - we need the $$$. We have to get together sometime soon!