Friday, January 25, 2008

From the Heart.. deep within

As the days come and go and the years pass by, she soon comes to wonder just how much family will really stay near. Year by year,she could only do so much to let her voice be heard. She tried so hard to bring love, peace, kindness and compassion to the chaos and hatred she saw before her, only to be met with the very thing in which she single handedly tried to stop. After a while it took its toll, and left her to wonder, was it really worth it.
She still cannot make them see her true intentions.
The voice from within, that was silenced.
For it was them who called her the bad one in the time of chaos.For it was her only intention to bring about love and peace, kindness and compassion. They did not understand, how it it hurt her, and so it went, after a while she eventually faded into the background, left alone, hurting by her own.
Once named the baby sister, upheld, protected, loved. Nevermore. She faded away, never truly known by those she once called her protectors, her brothers.

But, there day will come, when they call upon her, and their voices fall on deaf ears.
For she had tried to be heard, to catch their ears, to let them know she was still there. But some how, her tiny voice was lost in the wind that traveled miles to reach them. But, the day will come when they remember, that there once was a little girl, waiting for their hand to take hers, and lead her down the path, teach her, protect her, love and hug her. For all she really needed was to hear a voice call back, telling her she had not been forgotten, reassuring her that they were there, and that she would never fade into the background, and yet, it never came.

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