Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You Choose

Our paths have taken a different direction...
Yours became a "Me against the life" and mine has become "with life".
Choosing unhappiness can give you a "me against the life" perception.
But, ultimately....Change is envitable, Growth is optional.
Unhappiness in life is envitable, but choosing unhappiness is optional!
The game?
Which thought feels better....? Lets play.

What would you choose?
A. Grateful to the storm clouds that gave you this beautiful sunset?
B. Unhappiness, becasue, although it is a beautiful sunset, the storm ruined your vacation.

The choice is yours, as it has always has been, and always will be.


All that I see, is a part of me
It is neither above, nor below
But, inside of me

Mostly, I find myself envisioning the future.
Although, oddly enough, I, also, find myself in the most though provoking parts of the past,
and yet, still in the here and now.
Crazy, Eh?

When will people learn?

Tell me, Please tell me, when people will learn that there is more to life than money, cars, homes etc. We were not placed here to see who has more than the neighbors.

we were placed here to gain experience as spiritual beings in a physical world. We as spiritual being wanted to experience what it is to be "human". After we die we return back to nonphysical form and enjoy life the way its suppose to be. There is no hell, so when you pray for you loved ones soul to go to "heaven", don't worry it will get to "heaven". After you die, its the most wonderful thing. You can experience anything that you want. When people want someone to get the death penalty b/c they hurt someone else, deny them that privilege. Yes, it is a privilege.
The most surreal feeling...is reaching a place you thought you could never reach before...
and that feeling is, well....
the greatest feeling in your life.

You cannot be fully in the present,
in a conversation with another...
If your mind is full of chatter...
Be here, In the now.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Unconventional Anomalousness

Life has come down to pieces today,

into a jar for us to put away,

until the time when we pick them up,

dust them off,  and try our luck.

 When and where to start the thought to see,

of putting each one back, where they ought to be .

For if they fail to reach the whole,

only then, will they realize,

the cause that has taken its toll.

Monday, April 30, 2012

It's waiting for you always ....

In the myst of
Love abound
is a place
seldom found.

In your dreams
it calls to you
to discover
this love anew.

For if you fail
to heed its call
what will be left
when you begin to fall.

-M. Page