Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Realization of love

The love that she has for him had almost faded from view. By her own hand, it was nearly destroyed. All that she built up, all that she fought for, had almost perished that unhealthy day. If she had only realized, how it hurt him so, she would never have let it go. she took a vow, to uphold her end, but it nearly all came crashing down in the blink of an eye.
From that day forward, she took another vow. to change her ways, to bring about a new person. One that could stand up, and not crumble to the floor. Little by little, she built up what she had for so long fought for. Now she lives in happiness and harmony.
They have grown from that day on. Deeper in love. They have grown stronger together. For it was her, who let him down, time after time.
In the beginning, she was weak. In search of her rock. She didn't know what she wanted, she was too young to truly know. The life she thought she wanted was far beyond,what she thought she really wanted. But, now she knows, this is the life she dreamt up. In time, she grew up. She realize the true meaning of love, happiness, and unity.
She thinks back on the day that it all happened, and see that her old ways was leading her down a beaten path. She thought, that she needed someone else to lead her way. But she saw that she was wrong. She needed to clear a path for herself. But herself alone, could not always make it through. she realized that another person was needed to help her along in times that she felt she could not go on, that it was too hard, to difficult. He came and said, " Come, my dear, Take my hand and I will show you the way. I will be there when the time get tough, to pick you up and carry you though. cause as long as were here together, nothing can block the path. All I ask in return, is that you do the same. Take my hand and help me though the brush, Clear my way, so that I may see, clearly where we need to be."

Take my hand - come walk with me
along life's winding way.
Take my hand- come stand with me
Together we will say:

It's you that I have chosen;
It's you with whom I'll stay.
It you with whom I'll share my life,
I want no other way.

I want you always by my side
Through laughter and through tears.
The good - the bad- we'll share it all
Through the coming years.

Because I want this union
To continue to be blessed,
I pray we both care enough
To always give our best.

I know that if we do our best,
Then when our journey ends,
We'll find that we've come through it all
Still lovers.....ever friends.
Author- Unknown

I love you my dear, forever on end.
In the times I've hurt you,
Please allow me to make amends.

For it was me who weak,
me who wondered from the path,
it was me who needed to find
my way back.

Alone, I thought
But in time I saw you were always
there waiting for me
to ask for you hand
you help me through
help me clear the path.

Together, we will achieve
together we will believe
together we will walk the path
and always wait for the other
no matter how long it takes.

As time passes, we will grow
we will be the wind behind the other
to gently push us on, but never blow us down.

I love you my dear, I will never part
please allow me to show you this
from deep within my heart.

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Anshul.... said...

Wow.. thanks for this amazing article. It restores my belief in true friendship and the love that blossoms out from years of togetherness !!!