Sunday, January 20, 2008

It is my own inner thoughts that is keeping me from what I have dreamt of. It is only that in which I hold dear that keeps me from achieving that in which I seek. If only I were to change that in which I think, I will achieve. Changing ones thoughts is only the start of the path in which you ultimately seek. Until you change the thoughts that you hold in your mind, will you start to see the life that in which you truly want, unfold before your eyes.

Friends come and go, and the ones you hold dear will stay with you for ever. You can talk to a person, and try to stear them down one path, a good path in which they them self will succeed, will you truly be able to feel happy for them.

As you go through life wondering what it has in store for you, You believe that you may never achieve the dreams in which you have dreamt of for so long, not realizing that it is you in which is holding back those very thing you have wished for. Until you realize that it is your own thoughts, that is doing the very thing in which you think you may never be able to achieve, your dreams will always stay just that. A dream. Until you realize the full potential of your thoughts, you will stay on the the path in which you have directed yourself down. An unachievable dream.

Until you change your thoughts to that of which you know you can achieve, you will see that the universe,you may call it GOD, whatever, its all the same thing. You will see that it will provide for you no matter what. When it doesn't, it is you that is holding you back, from that in which you believe you cannot achieve.

Love, kindness, and compassion will show you the way, through thick and then. not matter what you feel you can acheive. Stay in control of your thought and believe what you know you have always been able to do. Never give up now matter how hard it gets. if you believe you can do it then it can be done. but the moment you give up, then all hope is lost. once you realize your full potential then, you will see that with just your thought alone, you can achieve anything. just keep thinking that it is your thoughts alone that can achieve anything that you want.

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