Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I would like to share...

To help east my mind, to ease the pain, I need to write to keep me sain.

- she struggles each and everyday
to redeem herself from the past
proving to family and loved ones
that this change will last.

-she dreads the time of turmoil
fearing she won't be strong
praying that when it happens
she won't be wrong.

-she reaches deep inside herself
to a place she needs to find
and grasp a shred of strength
to nuture her mind.

-some of us watch her battle
some have been in her shoes
we know this war is
something she must not lose.


I lost myself

-someplace along the line
someplace so lost in time

I judged my footing wrong
and the rest of me just followed along

so I scrambled up to find me
and lost myself in a turbulent sea

but all is not lost, because I can see the sky
and I'll learn to swim, till I learn to fly.


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