Friday, November 14, 2008

Starting over.

My body aches
my heart is broke
some day's seems as if
my life is an ongoing joke.

I don't know where im going
I sure as hell don't know where Im at
But I must go inside myself
and bring me back.

I've bottled myself up for so long
scared to face the unknown
afraid to open my eyes
to what I have been shown.

What have I done?
How stupid I have been
why won't this ache
ever end?

I am sorry, deeply sorry
both of us caved every bit
but, my dear, I know our love is so strong
we will get through it.

We broke each others hearts
let each other down
what must happen now
is to continue our path, only upward bound.

Send our love for one another
higher than its ever been before
into the clouds
where it can soar.

I love you my dear
with all my heart
I don't and won't
let anything, anymore drive us apart.

-Mp 11/14/2008

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